The Trail Blazer Legacy Award

Footage of the Trail Blazer Legacy Award 

The Trail Blazer Legacy Award was created to honour an individual or group whose dedication to the vision of ending homelessness has created a lasting impact on our community. Built on the legacy of Calgary Homeless Foundation’s founder, Art Smith, it is awarded to those who have made it their mandate to see the end of homelessness in Calgary, and used their strengths, influence, and passion to make it a reality.

The hand-blown glass bowl award is created by Julia Reimer, a local artist, and captures the concept of “The Ripple Effect” that accompanies the lasting legacy of a trail blazer: leadership that remains impactful, transcending generations and setting an example for others to follow suit.


Tim J. Hearn
2021 Trail Blazer Legacy Award Recipient

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Alan Norris
2019 Trail Blazer Legacy Recipient

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Jenny Belzberg
2018 Trail Blazer Legacy Recipient

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